What is a Live Escape Game?

A small group (usually 3-6) of people is locked up in a room filled with hidden keys, various objects, puzzles, riddles and challenging games. You’ve got 60 minutes to solve all the puzzles and to open the final door. No hard physical exercises or scary elements involved.


Can we play as a couple? What about 6 or more players?

If you are interested in playing with 2 players, you can contact us using the email address on our Contact Us page. Escaping the room is possible but quite challenging for two players. It’s only recommended only if you have some experience in these type of games and you are very good at puzzles. Teams of 2’s have the lowest success rate. Playing with 6 team members is recommended only if you have a tight group and really want everybody to play together. It’s still fun to play with so many mates, but there will be less to do per individuals.


Is there an age limit for the game?

Players of all ages are welcome, however, some of the games are more complex and require the combinational skills of an adult. Our escape room is recommended for 16 year olds or above. If there are children in your group, it’s advised to have at least 2 adults with them.


Is it possible for 2 teams to race against each other at the same time in two rooms?

Yes, it is possible. The groups can play at the same time (in 2 different rooms). We can change the starting time of the games for you so that both team could start at the same time. Please let us know if you are looking to book to parallel games. An Example: You can book the Professor Oxford’s Experiments room for 6 pm and the Da Vinci’s Exploration room for 6:30 pm. In this case both games can start at 6:00 pm (or 6:30 pm).


What time should I arrive to the game and how long does it last exactly?

Please try to show up only 5 minutes earlier than your booking time. If you come earlier than that, other groups can spoil the experience for you. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and pubs in the area to spend some time before your game starts. We’d like to avoid delays for groups coming after you so please don’t be late. If you are late for more than 10 minutes of the original starting time of your booking, then the length of your session might gets reduced. There is an instruction before the game as well, the whole experience can last up to 75 minutes. If you are quick, it can be less than an hour.


About ticket refund and reshedule.

Tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable and void if altered. Reschedule is possible in 5 working days, prior the booking time.


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